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List Management

We can help you find new revenue streams and maximize the ones you have. Our List Management Division is dedicated to helping you generate income by allowing access to your customers by complimentary third party offers you find acceptable. We will analyze your customer touch points and provide you with actionable options. You can use your customer contacts as leverage to gain access to other files and programs by offering an exchange. Some of these revenue programs include the marketing of your postal or email customer file, inserting brochures/post cards in your outgoing packages or statements, having post card blow-ins in your printed magazines or catalogs, including email offers in your email promotions, newsletters or order confirmations, are all easily implemented opportunities to make you more money. We are experts in managing these revenue programs.

List Brokerage

Having a great product, offer, website or service alone won’t get you customers knocking down your door. A well-defined assertive marketing plan will drive the customers to you. We will review your business, customer profile, marketing result history, as well as creative/mail piece and provide you with options to help grow your business. We will research your marketplace and provide you with well thought marketing campaign recommendation. We have access to thousands of files and programs on the market. Navigating the many databases and modeling options takes an expert that’s well seasoned. We’re here with over 25 years of experience. As your broker, we are your dedicated partners in helping your grow your business.

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to build brand awareness, generate leads and sales. The key to successful email marketing is a strong creative, a targeted file and managing expectations. Well-known brand names are more successful due to their pre-existing reputation and acceptance. Most email marketers know that like print advertising repetition is key to building recognition. Email marketing is predominately a volume business at low rates for consumer offers. BTB email marketing is all about precision targeting and all email marketing is about great creative that’s well timed. Let us help you navigate your email marketing campaign today.

Email / Postal Append

Supply us with your file and we can append opt-in email or postal address fast and precise. Be able to reach your customers at postal or email with DSA append and hygiene services.

List Rental Fulfillment

We offer complete list rental computer services with list enhancements, cleaning and updating services. Merge / purge and list hygiene services are also available. Send us your file on a predetermined scheduled basis and we’ll clean your file, enhance with demographics and other attributes.

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