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DSA Direct LLC - Direct Mailers

DSA Direct, LLC is a direct marketing company with over 25 years of experience helping companies gain new customers and generate revenue by leveraging customer contacts.  We have primarily two parts to our firm; List Management and Brokerage.  List Management offers you our own prospect lists.  We have vetted them carefully and know their benefits for clients.  We can provide you with lists at postal, email and with phone numbers.  Our stable of lists includes consumer and business files.  DSA proudly represents many quality buyer, donor and subscriber files and can provide you with a comprehensive recommendation for your specific prospect marketing needs.

Our Brokerage Division has access to the thousands of lists on the market and will search out the right prospect list that’s best geared for your offer.  We can help you plan and execute your marketing campaign and follow thru analysis.  DSA embraces your companies marketing objectives and focuses on achieving your goals. Your success is ours. 



Find businesses by Industry Type, SIC, Job Function, # of Employees, Location, Sales Volume, Phone #’s, Fax #’s,, Private Vs Public, Franchises, US & Canadian & more


Find Consumers by Gender, Age, Income, Product Purchased, Avg. Amt. Spent, Families, Ethnicity, Pet Owners, Interests, Subscribers, Credit Card, Payment Types & more


Find Donors by Category of Cause, # of Contributions, Avg Amt. of contribution, Political Party, Religious Affiliation, Age, Income, Gender & more

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